¡¡GWR series induction furnace for heat treatment

¡¡¡¡Induction furnaces are used to heat all kinds of metal raw materials (such as steel pipe, slab, bar) before processing, so as to bend, roll, or forge. For a variety of metal parts (such as bearings, gears), heat treatment can significantly improve the metal quality of products (such as wear and shock resistance, toughness).
¡¡¡¡Power density of induction heating method can be designed greatly, so small and medium-sized parts can be rapidly heated up to 1200 ¡æ in several seconds. Therefore, induction heating furnace is superior to other traditional heating methods, such as gas furnace, diesel fuel furnace, resistor furnace. At the same time, high automation, environmental protection can be carried out.
¡¡¡¡Induction coating technology is also a sense of emerging market applications. By induction heating, metal raw materials will be rapidly heated without fuel pollution, then special protective coatings is sprayed on metal surface to extend the service life of metal materials, or to improve their adaptability.

¡ö¡¡SCR series MF induction furnace£¨0.15~10kHz¡¢10000~100kW£©
¡ö¡¡IGBT series ultrasonic induction furnace£¨10~100kHz¡¢500~50kW£©
¡ö¡¡MOSFET HF induction furnace£¨100~500kHz¡¢100~20kW£©
¡ö¡¡The above products are mainly used to heat metal materials and metal parts for through heating, annealing, tempering, hardening the surface, the local heating, and so on. We can provide one-on-one design according to the specific users' special requirements and the characteristics of the process demands. General induction heating application is as follow:
Bar diathermy (for forging forming)
Tube diathermy (used for coating the surface or elbow)
¡¤ Annealing and tempering of the plate
Thoroughly heating of billet before extrusion or rolling
Local heating of small parts